Rex Ryan Bar Fight New Video Shows Aggressive Margarita Tactics

Rex Ryan Bar Fight

New Video

Aggressive Margarita Tactics

6/9/2017 10:15 AM PDT


TMZ Sports has obtained new footage of the Rex & Rob Ryan bar fight in Nashville — which shows Rex cussing out a bar patron and then spilling a margarita on the guy. 

It all went down Sunday at Margaritaville — you can see Matt Havel chatting up the ex-NFL coaches and another man at the Ryans’ table … until Havel said something that set Rex off. 

Unclear what Matt said … but Rex blows up at the guy. Rob shoves him. And while Rex grabs the guy’s drink to move it to another table, someone bumps his elbow … and Matt gets splashed with booze. 

The fight quickly escalated … with Rob eventually grabbing Matt by the neck. 

Havel later filed a police report accusing both brothers of simple assault. 

That said … props to the singer who continued to play a pretty solid rendition of the Kenny Rogers classic, “The Gambler” while the scrap broke out.

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