Ronda Rousey Says Being WWE Champ Is a 'Huge Responsibility'

Ronda Rousey

Being WWE Champ Is

‘Huge Responsibility’

8/21/2018 10:02 AM PDT


With great power comes great responsibility — and for Ronda Rousey that power is being the new WWE Women’s Raw champion! 

Ronda was getting on a plane after dominating at both SummerSlam and Raw this week — and, you can tell, she’s ready for a nap. 

So, when Ronda was asked how she felt — she told Adam Glyn, “Feels like a huge responsibility and it also feels like Tuesday.” 

Her point? She’s through the weekend grind and now she needs to recharge her batteries for a possible appearance on next week’s Raw in Toronto. 

It’s been a wild couple of days for Rousey — who beat Alexa Bliss for the belt at SummerSlam on Sunday before putting her boss, Stephanie McMahon, in an armbar during Raw on Monday. 

How did it feel to beat up Steph for the 3rd time? Ronda loved it. 

“Third time is the best I think,” Ronda says. “It’s getting better every time. I think we should do it more often.”

Ronda and Vince‘s daughter have had some serious beef since the ex-UFC star joined the WWE … and things continued to escalate Monday night in New York.

Stephanie took the mic in the ring … and tried to take credit for Ronda winning the Raw Women’s Championship belt at SummerSlam over the weekend.

When Ronda wasn’t ready to hear any of that … an attack ensued.

If that looked familiar … it’s ’cause it was — Ronda’s done this TWO OTHER TIMES to Steph’s arm over the years … and tells us she’s loving it every single time!!

There’s more … Ronda and her husband, Travis Browne, have hinted they could eventually team up in the WWE — but, Tuesday morning, he said it doesn’t look to be “in the cards” at the moment.

As for Ronda … no date has been set for her first title defense. There are rumblings she could take on Nikki Bella at WWE Evolution in October — which would be HUGE. 

Nikki recently split with longtime boyfriend (turned fiance) John Cena and we’re guessing she’s got some aggression she’s ready to take out. 

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