Sage Northcutt Says His UFC Future Is At Heavyweight

Sage Northcutt

My Future’s At Heavyweight

… Watch Out, Stipe

7/14/2018 12:15 AM PDT


Sage Northcutt tipped the scale at 170 lbs. on Friday … but he’ll be a helluva lot heavier in the future — as in, the size of a 206+ lb. heavyweight — ’cause that’s where Super Sage says he’ll eventually fight.

TMZ Sports talked to the UFC star before his co-main event fight against Zak Ottow at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 133 — a fight in the 170 lb. welterweight division.

That’s a step up for the 22-year-old — who’s been fightin’ at 155 lbs. — but it ain’t the final destination.

“Personally I think I might end up fighting heavyweight in the future,” Sage tell us. 

“I can just see myself keep growing. I’ll be 24, 25, growing 2, 3, 4 more inches, and putting on a lot of muscle. I can absolutely see it.”

And hey, with Nick Diaz also talking about taking heavyweight fights … things could get interesting. 

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