Senator Dean Heller Says Vegas Stadium Building Need 800 lbs Of Dynamite Daily

U.S. Senator Dean Heller

We’re Building Raiders Staduim

… By Blowing Crap Up!!!

3/22/2018 4:09 PM PDT


Get ready for your daily testosterone injection … ’cause U.S. Senator Dean Heller¬†from Nevada is about to tell the world how he’s helping to build the Raiders’ new home … and it involves blowing stuff up.

We got Heller in D.C. and he told us he’s really enjoying the construction of the Raiders’ new stadium, partly because it involves him getting to be the triggerman on some really big fireworks.

“They’re detonating 800 pounds of dynamite everyday. They let me push the switch that imploded 800 pounds of dynamite … I got to tell you as a male that was pretty fun.”

First off, we’re sure plenty of ladies would love to blow some stuff up, too. Secondly, 800 POUNDS A FREAKIN’ DAY!!!! Seems a little excessive to us.

But, hey, it’s Vegas right? What’s a little excess.

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