Shareef O'Neal Says LiAngelo Will Make an NBA Roster 'Cause the Balls Have Clout

Shareef O’Neal

LiAngelo Will Make an NBA Roster

‘Cause The Balls Have Clout

4/2/2018 12:10 AM PDT


LiAngelo Ball will be suiting up for an NBA team next season, and it ain’t just ’cause of his talent — so says Shareef O’Neal.

We spoke to Shareef — a top NCAA prospect — after LiAngelo dropped 72 POINTS in an exhibition game out in Lithuania earlier this week … and asked if he thought the middle Ball bro was NBA-bound.

Reef told us he did, but not because of Gelo’s breakout performance. 

“I think he’s gonna make it on a team just ’cause his brother’s already there, and I feel like just the platform that that family has he can make it on a team,” O’Neal told TMZ Sports

We also had to ask Reef if he thinks he could take Gelo 1-on-1, and he was pretty nice about it … but he didn’t take it so easy on his old man, Shaq

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