Smash Mouth Cusses Out Myles Garrett, 'Nobody Knows Who The F You Are!'

Smash Mouth

Cusses Out Myles Garrett

‘Nobody Knows Who The F You Are!’

6/14/2018 2:06 PM PDT

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Smash Mouth — yes, that band from “Shrek” — has got some balls on ’em … throwing F bombs at NFL star Myles Garrett!!!

Why, you ask? 

The band apparently took MAJOR offense to an interview Garrett gave ripping Kevin Durant … where the Browns star said, “KD broke the league” by jumping to the Warriors to win a title. 

“You hopped onto a 73-9 team and he took the easy way out in my mind,” Garrett said on 92.3 The Fan. 

He added one more shot — “Me, I’m too competitive to try and ride on somebody’s coattails to get a W.”

Enter Smash Mouth — big Golden State Warriors fans — with expletive-laden Durant defense.

“Hey Myles Garrett,…..nobody knows who the F you are so nobody gives a F what you would do.”

“And Genius the @warriors didn’t win the Championship the season before KD signed. So not sure what ‘coattails’ you’re referring to. This your Twitter page Aaaaahole?  @MylesLGarrett.”

So, what now? There’s only one solution — Smash Mouth must fight Myles Garrett. 


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