Sterling Shepard Says Baker Mayfield's Not Fat, I've Been Training With Him!

Sterling Shepard

Baker Mayfield Is Not Fat

… I Train With Him!

7/19/2018 2:50 PM PDT


Baker Mayfield‘s ex-Oklahoma teammate is going to bat for the Browns QB … with Sterling Shepard telling TMZ Sports his boy is really NOT fat — despite a very unflattering photo on social media. 

The Cleveland Browns rookie has been getting criticized over a pic he took Tuesday night with gaming legend Ninja — in which he appears to be a little thick around the midsection. 

So, when we got Shep out in NYC on Thursday — the Giants receiver told us the camera angle must’ve been distorted … not Mayfield’s waistline.

“He lookin’ good, man, I’ve been training with him,” Sterling says.

“He’s been grinding. I already know my man’s going to be ready. Ain’t worried about that.”

There’s more … Shepard revealed to us who the top dancer on the Giants’ squad was this year — and he surprisingly handed that crown to another player in his position group.

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