Tee Martin: Sam Darnold Is Better Than I Was … As a Freshman! (VIDEO)

1/3/2017 3:32 PM PST


USC quarterback Sam Darnold could be the next Aaron Rodgers … so says his offensive coordinator, Tee Martin. 

Yep, that Tee Martin.

The ex-Tennessee Vols QB called the plays at SC this year — and did one helluva job. And he kept up the good work Monday night at the Rose Bowl where SC hung 52 on Penn State. 

We spoke with Martin — who was celebrating at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles (legendary) — and hit him with some questions, including:

— Who’s the better college QB … you or Sam Darnold?

— Did USC and Penn State deserve to be in the college football playoffs?

— Are you gunning for a head coaching job?

— Thoughts on his mentor, Steve Sarkisian, taking over as offensive coordinator at Alabama?

By the way, Tee was SOLID at Tennessee … leading the Vols to a national championship in 1998. 

Before that, when he was a freshman he backed up some other dude named Peyton Manning. 

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