Tim Hudson's Wife Hilariously Shoots Down Son's Pitching Dreams (VIDEO)

MLB Great Tim Hudson

My Son Isn’t Allowed To Pitch

… My Wife Won’t Let Him

4/29/2017 12:05 AM PDT


Hope ex-MLB pitcher Tim Hudson doesn’t have dreams of watching his son strike out major leaguers like he used to, cause his wife made it clear to TMZ Sports, SHE AIN’T HAVING IT.

Tim and the fam were out at The Ivy when we asked the brood if there were any future baseball players in the bunch … to which Tim said yes, and pointed to his son, 12-year-old Kade.

Hudson told us Kade was a catcher for now and wasn’t pitching “yet,” and that’s when wife Kim jumped in and said “yet” is a day that will NEVER come, ’cause she can’t go through loving another hurler.

Very clear who wears the baseball pants in the family now.

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