Tyron Woodley Says Kanye Finessed Everybody, Album Is Genius

Tyron Woodley

Kanye Finessed Everybody

… His Album Is Genius

6/8/2018 1:57 PM PDT


Kanye West took us all for a crazy ride … and brilliantly created that bizarre media firestorm as part of a diabolical plot to promote his new album — so says Tyron Woodley.  

The UFC champ had always been skeptical about Kanye’s outbursts — including the one during “TMZ Live” — and had been adamant Yeezy was putting on an erratic front to grab headlines. 

And after listening to Kanye’s new album … Tyron says he is CERTAIN he’s right — because he thinks it is the work of a pure genius. 

Woodley spells the whole thing out in this week’s “The Hollywood Beatdown With Tyron Woodley” — where he also blasts hecklers and finally addresses UFC contender Colby Covington … threatening to beat his ass. 

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