Tyron Woodley to Keaton Jones: Your Parents Are Trash, Get Away From Them

Tyron Woodley

To Keaton Jones:

Parents Are Trash, Get Away from ‘Em!

12/15/2017 6:08 PM PST

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UFC champ Tyron Woodley dropped bombs on Keaton Jones’ parents in the newest episode of “The Hollywood Beatdown — explaining why they’re even worse for him than his bullies at school. 

Woodley says Keaton’s dad needs to “get the hell slapped outta him” for being a white supremacist … and his mom should take a seat after allegedly trying to parlay Keaton’s fame into a cash grab.

“Why do you need money to fight bullying? You need mentors … you don’t need money.”

The champ says he’s still got Keaton’s back — but advises him to cut out his folks, so he can become a better person. 

Tyron also drops a huge career update, breaks down a CRAZY street fight and a whole lot more. 

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