UFC Star To Colby Covington, I Wanna Punch A Hole Through Your Head!

UFC Star To Colby Covington

I Wanna Punch A Hole In Your Head

5/19/2018 12:15 AM PDT


How freakin’ bad does UFC star Kamaru Usman HATE Colby Covington?

“If I see this beady-eyed, snake-head-lookin’ dude in any room, my heart rate goes up. I just want to punch a hole through his head.”

Yeah, that bad.

We talked to Usman — the 7th ranked welterweight in the world — the day before his headlining UFC Fight Night against Demian Maia in Chile.

Kamaru says the whole division knows he’s the best fighter — even champ Tyron Woodley — but there’s only 1 guy who gets his blood boiling.


The beef goes back … Usman once told us C.C. had “p***y-itis,” and they almost came to blows before UFC 223.

So, if Usman leaves the Octagon with a W Saturday … you know who’s next up on the wish list — and if it goes according to plan, there will be blood. 

“I just want to punch a hole through his head.”

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