UFC's Cowboy Cerrone Almost Dies In Cave Diving Incident

UFC’s Cowboy Cerrone

Almost Dies …

In Cave Diving Incident

8/17/2018 2:58 PM PDT

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UFC legend Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone says he’s lucky to be alive after a major disaster during a cave diving excursion in Mexico … but he told the Grim Reaper, “Not today Mother F**ker!”

Cowboy is an avid diver — and went to Cozumel to explore some of the underwater caves with a team of scuba divers. 

FYI, some of the caves extend about 11 miles inland. 

During the dive, Cowboy says he had a “catastrophic worst case scenario” when the gang was caught in a “silt out” … which is when particles on the sea floor get kicked up, causing ZERO visibility for the divers. 

Cerrone says he lost the cave line — which would have led him out of the cave — and couldn’t find his diving partner. 

But, Cowboy kept his composure and ultimately found his way back to safety. 

After the incident, Cerrone explained — “Told the grim reaper ‘Not today Mother F**ker’ I’m figuring this the f**k out and coming home!!” 

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