UFC's Dan Henderson: Jon Jones Should NOT Fight Brock Lesnar, Here's Why

UFC’s Dan Henderson

Jones Should NOT Fight Brock

… Here’s Why

7/31/2017 2:59 PM PDT


UFC fans are hurtin’ to see Jon Jones fight Brock Lesnar next … but Dan Henderson is stompin’ out the potential super-fight. 

Why? Hendo told TMZ Sports he’s got ZERO interest in seeing Jones vs. Brock “because it’s not for anything, other than for fun.”

In other words — it’d all be for entertainment, a la Mayweather vs. McGregor … not like the good ol’ days when all dudes cared about was stackin’ belts.

Henderson would know — he’s one of the most decorated champs in MMA history.  

The legend did give Jon props for his comeback — where Jones brutally KO’d Daniel Cormier to win back the light heavyweight championship … and then put Lesnar on blast.

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