UFC's Dominick Cruz: I Could Whoop Floyd with 1 Arm If He's Training Just 6-8 Months

UFC’s Dominick Cruz

I Could Whoop Floyd with 1 Arm

If He’s Just Training 6-8 Months

3/19/2018 4:47 PM PDT


UFC star Dominick Cruz thinks it’s an absolute joke Floyd Mayweather says he can get Octagon ready by the end of 2018 … saying he’d crush Floyd with 1 ARM if he made the move that quickly.

“He’s only got 2 tools — he doesn’t have the other 8,” Cruz told the guys on the TMZ Sports TV show (airs tonight on FS1).

FYI, Floyd recently told us he’s applying for a pro MMA license — and set 6 to 8 months as his timetable for getting ready to rumble with a UFC foe (probably Conor McGregor).

Dom says Mayweather would be lucky if he could nail JUST takedown defense in that amount of time … and that’s if he puts in consistent work with UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley — a stud college wrestler. 

Sounds like fightin’ words to us — your move, Floyd.

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