Usain Bolt Parties with Famous 'Bolt' Statue, Made from Real Bolts!

Usain Bolt

Parties With Famous ‘Bolt’ Statue

… Made of Real Bolts!

5/17/2018 10:53 AM PDT

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Usain Bolt decided to go BIG for his restaurant opening in Jamaica this week … bringing in a big ass statue of himself — made mostly of real bolts. 

Turns out, the Olympic legend is a budding restaurant mogul — he just opened his 3rd Tracks & Records eatery in Jamaica … and he’s got 15 more spots opening up in the U.K. 

So, to celebrate the grand opening of his Montego Bay joint Wednesday night, he threw a massive party … with the grand unveiling of the famous “Bolt of Bolts” statue. 

The artist — German musician Vita Diedel Kloever — created the piece back in 2012 … and said it took FOUR MONTHS to put together.

He installed it at the restaurant late last month. 

As for the restaurant, jury’s still out on the “Escovitch Fish Sandwich” and the “Burgers a la Usain” — but we’re betting at the very least … the food comes out fast.

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