Vine Star 'I'm Tyrone' Gunnin' For WWE Contract, 'I'm The Next Mr. T!'

Vine Star ‘I’m Tyrone’

Gunnin’ For WWE Contract

… ‘I’m The Next Mr. T!’

11/16/2018 12:25 PM PST


The dude who went viral for his “I’m Tyrone” Vine videos tells TMZ Sports he’s ready to go from the phone screen to the squared circle … saying he wants a crack at the WWE!!

In case you’ve never heard of Tyrone before … the guy is a HUGE star on social media for his hilarious videos that featured him stealin’ dudes’ girls.

But … Tyrone’s done with all that now — and says he’s ready to move on to a career working for Vince McMahon.

“I’m like the next Mr. T,” Tyrone tells TMZ Sports … “The next Terry Crews. The next Deebo. All in one, man! That’s how good I am, except, I’m more dangerous, because I f*ck wives!!!”

Tyrone says this ain’t publicity stunt … dude says he’s got a legit MMA background and thinks he can be the company’s next megastar.

In fact … Tyrone’s callin’ out ALL the wrestlers in the biz — tellin’ them they’re soft and swearing he’s comin’ for their wives next!!!

“I can’t stand it no more,” Tyrone says. “They cheerin’ for these soft — f*ck all that, man! The real champion is here!”

Soooo … what do ya say, Vince?

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