Willie McGinest Sued — Allegedly KO's Man … Hurls Gay Slurs


0930-willie-mcginest-gettyWillie McGinest is being sued by a man who claims the ex-NFL star not only knocked him the hell out like Deebo in “Friday” … but has terrorized him verbally ever since. 

TMZ Sports has obtained a lawsuit filed by DeAndre Parks — who claims Willie went ballistic on him back in October 2015 … punching him in the face so hard, he was knocked unconscious. 

When he came to, the man claims Willie “continued to taunt [him] by laughing and boasting that he punched [him] with his left hand, insinuating that his left hand was his weak hand.”

Fast forward to Sept. 2016 … when the men ran into each other at a youth football game in which Parks’ son was playing — and Willie allegedly ordered him to leave and had other attendees run him out. 

Parks claims the cops were called — and he left without further incident. 

But things came to a head again on Sept. 23rd — when Parks claims he was confronted by Willie at another youth football game … and Willie went bersek. 

Parks claims Willie threatened to fight him again — and called him all sorts of names including, “punk,” “buster,” “bitch ass n**ga” and “f**got ass n**ga.”

Parks says Willie also said, “You get knocked out all over town.”

Parks says he’s afraid to go to police because he doesn’t want to be seen as a “snitch.”

Now, he’s suing for more than $25k for medical expenses and other damages. 

We reached out to Willie — so far, no word back. 

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