Willie McGinest To Falcons Fans, T.O. Training Julio Jones Is Good!

Willie McGinest

Chill Falcons

T.O. Training Julio Is A Good Thing

6/21/2018 11:26 AM PDT


Willie McGinest has some advice for the Atlanta Falcons brass … RELAX … saying anyone in ATL’s front office who’s miffed Julio Jones is training with T.O. is wrong — because it’s actually a good idea.

Jones and Owens have been working out together this off season, and there are reports that some of the higher ups in Atlanta are concerned Terrell might rub off on Julio a little bit.

Willie says that would actually be a GOOD thing … telling our guy at LAX Owens has a lot of positive things to offer a stud receiver like Jones.

“Training with Terrell Owens I don’t think is a bad thing. T.O. was one of the hardest working guys in the NFL and never had a problem with his work ethic or being in shape.”

Get your popcorn ready Falcons … oh, BTW … PAY JULIO JONES.

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