Wilt Chamberlain's Famous Sex Room Mansion For Sale For $18.99 mil

Wilt Chamberlain

Famous Sex Room Mansion For Sale

… For $18.99 mil!!

6/30/2018 12:25 AM PDT


The place where Wilt Chamberlain famously banged a large portion of his alleged 20,000 hookups is for sale … and can be yours for a small fee of $18.99 MILLION!!

You know the story … the NBA legend claimed the number of women he slept with was in the tens of thousands — and the mansion that harbored his “sex room” and presumably the majority of those trysts has now hit the market.

Sadly … most of the features that made it Wilt’s — mink-lined waterbed floors, mirror-covered walls and a golden bathtub — have been remodeled.

But the place is still dope … featuring six bedrooms, six bathrooms, 7,158 square feet … and gated parking for 20-plus cars!!

Sure, it woulda been nice to have that waterbed floor too … but we’ll settle for the insane view of Bel-Air, we guess.

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