Abby Lee Miller Allowed to Travel to NYC for Paid TV Show Appearances

Abby Lee Miller

Gettin’ Paid Before Prison …

Judge Grants TV Gig Travel

5/18/2017 3:46 PM PDT


Abby Lee Miller‘s not letting her upcoming prison stint stop her from doing what she does best — cash TV paychecks.

A judge granted Abby permission to travel from L.A. to NYC this week for 3 paid TV appearances. According to docs, all 3 shows booked her after she was sentenced to a year and one day in prison for fraud.

A federal judge approved her travel, but she must be back on the West Coast by May 20. The shows are scheduled to tape Thursday and Friday. It’s still unclear when Abby will begin doing her time.

As you’ll recall … Miller was ordered to pay $160,000 in fines along with the prison sentence.

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