Carson Kressley Praises PBS Kids' 'Arthur' For Showing Gay Wedding

Carson Kressley

‘Bout Time PBS Aired a Gay Wedding

‘Arthur’ Gave Kids the Truth

5/15/2019 7:05 AM PDT


Carson Kressley thinks it’s incredible a major children’s show has finally caught up with the times and showcased a gay marriage … ’cause it sure ain’t 1950 anymore.

We got the ‘Queer Eye’ legend Tuesday at LAX and he gave us his take on the cartoon series, “Arthur,” having its longtime classroom teacher, Mr. Ratburn, marry a guy in the Season 22 premiere … much to his students’ pleasant surprise. It was a HUGE moment in TV history.

Carson tells us it’s satisfying to see media gatekeepers realize reality has caught up to us, and you can’t really ignore gay people anymore, especially when it comes to kids.

Oh, and check out Carson’s attempt at trying to decipher what kind of animal Mr. Ratburn (rat, BTW) — it’s hilarious … and a little NSFW too. Get this man back in front of a camera!!!

It’s interesting … “Sesame Street” brass came out last year to shoot one of their former writer’s notion that Bert and Ernie were, in fact, a gay couple — to the chagrin of the LGBT community. Weirdly enough though, the company seems to have deleted its statement.

Either way, it looks like “Arthur” is picking up the baton though and ready to represent. 

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