Donald Faison Rips Giants for Benching Eli Manning, 'Most Disrespectful Thing Ever'

Donald Faison

Destroys Giants for Benching Eli

‘Most Disrespectful Thing EVER’

11/30/2017 2:14 PM PST


Donald Faison went NUCLEAR on the streets of NYC over the Giants benching Eli Manning … saying it’s “the most disrespectful thing” he’s seen in his whole damn life.

TMZ Sports spoke with Turk about the news … and just mentioning Eli got him to shout at the top of his lungs: “That’s some BS, yo! Everybody’s saying it!! BS!!! IT REALLY IS BS!!!!”

Donald — who loves the G-Men — says he’s got a good reason to be pissed considering all Eli’s done for the franchise.

“The season’s a wash anyway, so just let him finish the season at least.”

That obviously ain’t happening … but maybe the “Scrubs” star will feel better knowing job offers are already rollin’ in for Eli.

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