Dustin Diamond Takes Stab at Playing Harvey Weinstein in Bloody Music Video

Harvey Weinstein

Lookalike Stabbed To Death In New Music Video

… Played By Screech!!!

12/26/2017 1:00 AM PST


A Harvey Weinstein project’s the last thing most people want to go near these days, but one man fully embraced it … Screech!!!

Dustin Diamond‘s getting back into acting in a debaucherous music video filled with sex, drugs, rock and roll … and murder. He plays Weinstein in rock band TENLo‘s vid for their song, “Kill All the Things,” and, as you’ll see … it doesn’t end well for him.

We’re told the vid was shot this summer in Milwaukee after band members Joey Zak and TomE LaBrosse reached out to Dustin and he dug it. However, the Weinstein angle was edited in recently … for obvious reasons.

Actress Kelly Cunningham plays the vengeful nun, and the bandmates play the bellhop and bartender.

It’s an interesting role for Diamond … not only because he’s playing a Hollywood pariah, but because the end of the vid hits close to home as well. Check it out.

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