Julie Chen Will Announce Tuesday She's Leaving 'The Talk'

Julie Chen

I’m Leaving ‘The Talk’

9/17/2018 7:54 PM PDT

Julie Chen will be leaving her daytime gig at “The Talk” … TMZ has confirmed.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Tuesday’s show will include a videotape of Julie saying she’s leaving the show immediately.  

It seemed inevitable Julie would take a final bow from the show, where discussions frequently involve issues like sexual misdeeds.  Although her husband Les Moonves has denied any improper conduct, the fact that 12 women have come forward and that he was forced out … it would put Julie in a tough spot.

Julie did appear on “Big Brother” last week and it seems she’ll stick that one out … at least in the short term. She made it clear she’s standing by her husband at the end of last week’s show, when she signed off as “Julie Chen Moonves.”

No word on who will replace Julie. 

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