Louis C.K. Out for a Walk with Parker Posey

Louis C.K.

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2/28/2018 2:41 PM PST

Louis C.K. is out of hiding, and he’s getting public support from a famous friend … a female famous friend, mind you, in the wake of his sexual harassment scandal. 

Parker Posey and Louis were out for a stroll Wednesday in NYC. Parker had a guest spot on his show, “Louie” … and it appears she’s sticking by her friend through his tough times. It’s been about 4 months since Louis stepped up and apologized for sexually harassing multiple women with whom he’d worked.

The women coming forward prompted Netflix, HBO and FX to cancel all their C.K. productions, and his movie, “I Love You, Daddy,” was shelved. No word on if he’s attempting to get back to work.

That old “a friend in need” saying comes to mind.

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