Mack Wilds Drops $35k to Upgrade '95 Chain (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Mack Wilds

Drops $35k to Upgrade ’95 Chain

4/14/2017 10:17 AM PDT


Mack Wilds‘ treasured ’95 pendant is looking so shiny and new, ’cause that’s what $35k worth of diamonds tend to do.

Mack’s had the chain for a while — The Ninety Five Percent is his company — but he just added the major coat of quality rocks. Nothing but VS-1 and F colored diamonds (that’s primo) covering the 14-carat yellow gold emblem. Jewelers David Bling and Will Da Boss did the flashy enhancements.

We’re told Mack threw down the dough for the new piece because he’s had a good year — 2 TV shows, “Shots Fired” and “The Breaks,” and his 2nd album, “After Hours,” just dropped. 

His company motto is “No such thing as 100% in life because if you ain’t growing, you dying.”

Mack’s jewelry collection agrees.

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