Viola Davis' Husband Julius Tennon Says Prowlers Got Lucky

Viola Davis’ Hubby on Break-In

Those Prowlers Got Lucky

Our House is Locked … & Loaded?

4/15/2018 3:46 PM PDT


Viola Davis‘ husband says they’ve made necessary adjustments after their home was almost broken into last month, but it sounds like he was already prepared to defend his family. 

We got Julius Tennon Saturday at LAX, and asked about a recent attempted break-in at his and Viola’s home … during which they were home and fast asleep in their bedroom.

Julius says he was able to scare off the prowlers with his “Lion King” voice, and that he and V got rid of the ladder the dudes used to climb up to their second-floor balcony.

Then he drops an ominous warning for anyone considering to pull something like that again … DON’T, ’cause he’s got something more lethal than his voice. Guns, perhaps? You tell us.

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